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Meet the incredible stunt drivers of Fast & Furious Live - hand-picked from 2,000 applicants. They underwent a rigorous 16-week training schedule that was more choreography than driving, all in preparation to "wow" audiences in arenas across Europe.

Why not check out the production team too, and our wonderful cast!

Anthony Scott - The Extreme Car Man

Working as a professional stunt driver for over 25 years, and drifting competitively all over the globe for the past decade. As a member of the Extreme Drift All-Stars, Scotty has put his precision driving skills and immense car control into some of the most powerful drift cars in existence.

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Chris Knox - The Champion

Two time Mini Challenge Champion (2011 & 2014) with over 19 race wins, 12 podiums and 7 fastest lap records, Chris Knox is a well known and respected racing driver. Holder of numerous race car records, Scottish-born Chris is already an invaluable member of the stunt team.

Chris Morena - The Superstar

With over 25 Hollywood film credits including blockbusters such as Transformers, American Chris holds the dubious accolade of crashing 800 cars over 20 successful years of live shows, TV and film. He also performed in the entire 11 year run of 'Lights, Motors, Action'; Disney’s live stunt show, to millions of delighted fans.

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Derek Butler - The Wild Child

As one of the originators of the Prodrift series, and with a sea of social media followers – Derek ‘Buttsy’ Butler is well known as the original wild child of drifting. With a combination of huge experience and utter fearlessness, Derek was the perfect choice for Fast and Furious Live. He is also currently an official Monster Energy athlete.

Jessica Hawkins - The Talent

Former British Karting Champion, and currently leading both the Mini Challenge Cooper Pro Championship and the Sunoco 240 Challenge, Jessica was named one of the three most likely females to make it to Formula 1 by the Sunday Telegraph. Her incredible high speed car control and race driver reflexes will prove a vital talent within the Fast and Furious live stunt team.

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Two col josie rasburn

Jodie Rasburn - The Rising Star

19 year old Jodie was the youngest girl to compete professionally in a drift championship and won her first ever trophy at just 15. A rising star with unblinking determination, Jodie has already shown the other team members what it means to be truly Fast and Furious.

Jonathon Irwin - The Drift Master

Talented drift mechanic and founding member of the Full Throttle stunt display team, Jonny's ability to both build it and race it is already a vital resource for the stunt team.

Two col johnathon irwin
Two col michelle westby

Michelle Westby - The Trailblazer

Professional model turned championship drifter. As the first female competitor of the inaugural Drift Cup, Michelle has been one of the trailblazers for women in the sport. With her 400hp Nissan S14 she has proved her skill time and again, and cannot wait to join the Fast and Furious Live stunt driving team.

Nathan Gerhold - The Muscle

A defensive driving expert, Nathan has provided security transport for VIPs and celebrities covering threat levels from armed ambush to car jacking. He has also been a stunt driving instructor for the past 18 years.

Two col nathan gerhold
Two col sebastien fauassier

Sébastien Fouassier - The Stunt Fanatic

Stunt man and driver Sebastien has over 63 movie credits to his name, including Star Wars: Rogue One, Columbiana and Three Days to Kill. The talented French born stunt man is currently working in Paris on Mission Impossible 6.

Chris Burns - The Leader

After running the infamous ‘Steer from the Rear’ stunt driving team for many years, Chris Burns became a central member of the Top Gear Live stunt driving team. Touring for 7 years and performing in over 500 shows, Chris is one of the most experienced stunt drivers in the world. He now takes his rightful place as the team leader for Fast and Furious Live.

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